Saturday, 27 July 2013

More Marker tacking practice...

I'm off this week as a result of having been made a granddad (I wasn't even asked if I minded! )so after a couple of visits to put the boat back together following the recent re-rig I finally got off the mooring this afternoon for a sail...

Oooh....  shiny....
The plan (as conveyed to Jelly Bean Phil who rang just as I was about to set off!) was a trip to the West Pole and back, but the wind gods and tide gods conspired to scupper that little idea...  light winds (force 2 or less) and a big spring tide resulted in little or no forward progress... at one point I was sailing forwards while going backwards...!

Refurbished tabernacle...  amazing what a wire brush and a coat of Hammerite can do...

I then spent my usual afternoon trying to reach Marker while the tide swept me backwards up the harbour on every other tack.. Did I mind? Not a bit of it...  though a Leisure 17 went past me, two up, like I was standing still - clearly I'm not set up correctly, so I spent the afternoon doing exactly that...

New flag pole - thanks to bro-in-law J for this!
Bit of sail tweaking then ensued (down haul via goose neck traveller, then topping lift, then kicking strap, then jib traveller). I also noticed that the opposite stays are still quite loose when on one tack or the other so tightened these up when I was back on the mooring - not bar taught, but certainly firmer....  fellow club member Giblets has a Loos rigging tension gauge which I'm hoping he can bring down one weekend and we can have a play to get the tensions equal - at the moment I've done it by feel..

Had a good luck round the waterline when I left the boat, and noticed she's growing some weed on the rudder - poor anti foul, or evidence of the sunny hot weather we're getting...??  Either way I need to bring a broom out next time and clean off as much as I can..  keels/waterline look to be OK, and I'd rather not have the faff of finding a beaching spot to do the whole hull...   she'll be out of the water for the winter in a couple of months and enough time has been lost!


Distance: 8.76 miles (cumulative total in the 2013 mileage tab at the top of the page)
Wind: Force 1 gusting 2.. SSW (straight up the harbour) going to SW
Sail Plan: Full jib and main - engine for manoeuvring..
Speed: GPS track says max speed was 4.7 knots (that was definitely under motor) - average speed: 2.1 knots

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