Monday, 12 August 2013

Both ends of the harbour on a tide..

I've had boats for about 6 years now, but yesterday was the first time my sister had ever set foot on one of them, never mind actually going sailing... either way the stars and planets conjoined yesterday to make such an event happen and and a damn fine afternoon it was!

Winds were largely the same as my trip out on Friday but this time, as we were two up  I went for full sail plan and while it was a bit of a handful in some of the gusts, between them it provided some superb fast sailing, in sunny beautiful conditions...

A run down the channel, main up at Northney, engine off and stayed off until we turned for home at the end of the afternoon.. the run down to HISC was very fast - despite adverse tide we saw 5.2's and 5.3's, and when we turned to head up harbour at NW Pilsey, with the tail end of the favourable tide we saw 6.2's and  6.3's.

We had enough time so we then had a reach up to Emsworth, and one of those excellent tacking sessions back to the Beacon - wind direction being what it was we occasionally got a good lift which eased the passage considerably... there was a lot of traffic up there...!

Superb day, finished off with a curry and a beer - doesn't get any better.... 


Distance: 10.02 miles (cumulative total in the 2013 mileage tab at the top of the page)
Wind: Force 4 gusting 5.. W to WSW
Sail Plan: Full jib and main - engine for manoeuvring..
Speed: GPS track says max speed was 5.9 knots (that was definitely under sail but I saw bursts of 6+ knots at times) - average speed: 3.5 knots

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