Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Job #9 - Cockpit locker lids - started

Chuffing freezing, but needs must, and a distinct worsening in the condition of the cockpit locker lids lifted them to the top of the queue...

This one has actually holed, so it's currently being used while in a bin bag to keep water out of the boat...  I remember distinctly this one cracking.. I caught one of the lines I use for retaining the tiller under the edge of the lid when I sat on it..

Not so bad - but the beading around the edge of the boards is splitting..

Basically my fault..  should have painted them well before now and they would have been good for another season...

So large sheet of 12mm exterior ply was 28 squids.. didn't need that much, but a small (half size) sheet of the same stuff was still £23, so I figured I'd buy the big sheet.. plenty for spare...

I used the old lids as templates for the new one's, and with the use of the trusty jigsaw soon had two lid shaped bits of ply.. 

First fit looked pretty good, edges could have been straighter but I don't have the skill for a panel saw, and I don't own a circular saw; I'm thinking I may fit a batten to the back edge to hide the worst..

These will be painted, so labels and marks will be covered..

Need to smooch a couple of mm's off the edge on this one

Smooth the curve out on this one and she's good to go..

...and just trim a few mm's off that edge and she'll be the same...


  1. you could stick some peel ply to the underside of the new lid and around the locker itself and then syring in some thickened epoxy around the edge of the locker. it would be then moulded to the exact shape of the hull and you would have a seamless fit. :)

    1. That's clever.. they'll be good though.. hinges, hasp. and then neoprene tape under the lid, round the top of the locker opening... I'm thinking a coat of resin on the wood before I paint them is a good move though, hnece the questions.. :o)

  2. I did my cockpit locker tops last year. I did the same: exterior grade ply to keep the cost down. I used wood stain and then varnish over the top, but I made sure I drilled the holes for the hinges first and made sure the wood stain got in there to help protect the wood.

    Nice job, I had the same problem cutting long straight lengths with a jigsaw, I think you did better than me. I had to "modify" mine with a surform.