Sunday, 13 March 2016

New main!

...well new to me anyway...  err.. second hand ... "previously owned"... 

Been pricing up new main sail for Sparrow as it was trickling up to the top of my "urgency" list as launch approaches.. I'm no boy racer but I can tell the sail is err.. past it's "sell by" date, and fast approaching its "use by" date...

I like to use local sail makers if I can, and if they hadn't gone bust () last year the guys who made my genoa (Arun) would have been first choice, either way, they have, so I've had to ask a few others... No response from Batt Sails (they're in the same local industrial park as Arun was), but a quote of £620 from Kemp Sails (Gosport but still fairly local), with a small/possible discount if I order it off season (probably the £20 )

While I was doing that I also put out  a gentle word round various forums to see if there any second hand mains knocking about and got lucky via a contact on the YBW forums...  much measuring and re-measuring at both ends of the conversation ensued ...




... and I sent off the dosh this morning for the following - never had a tan sail before! 

...but it appears to be in excellent condition - seller advises "The sail is lightly used, has no obvious wear or chafe, no repairs. The cloth is still shiny and has not gone limp.There are a few small dark marks that are not very noticeable (from oil spots?). I would have used it on my current boat but it is a bit small for my rig. There is no sail makers label".

...for the price (less than 15% of that Kemp main) I'm delighted...  looking forward to seeing how it fits, though I've factored in the possibility of some minor adjustments if required (I think the luff is spot on but the foot is close)..

Also looking forward to seeing how the boat feels compared to how it did with the old one, but either way, the sail will see me through this season and hopefully a few more.. 


  1. The sail looks in good condition, and I love the colour. Can I ask how much you paid for it?

  2. Alden "less than 15% of that Kemp main" :o)) Oh go on then... seventy five of our English pounds...

  3. It looks pretty good. I'm probably going to have to source replacements for my sails this year. I put new eyelets on my main to replace the old green things, but when I refitted it and hauled it up at the weekend there are a few small pinholes and a fair bit of loose stitching on it. Considering its as baggy as Nora Batty's stockings I might cut my losses and get a decent used one. I've been perusing the websites that specialise in used sails.... and quickly discounting that option on grounds of price. :-)

    1. Mark - I got lucky - not convinced yet that I won't need to get some minor adjustments made but at the price I got it for I can afford that compared with the cost of brand new... to be fair these things will last you 10 years plus if you look after them, so new is only £60 a year'ish... I find I do a lot of pricing stuff over 10 years in boating! :o))

  4. Better still £75 over 10 years or even 5 looks like a good deal. I recut a used spite fire jib I picked up cheap - wasn't that difficult and while most sailmakers would probably pull a long face it worked well enough

    1. Max - I wonder if I'm unusual in that I usually see what the boat thing will cost me over 10 years in order to justify the expense?! :o)) Sail is on its way, so I'll know more when it gets here, but right at the moment I'm delighted...