Winter job list 2017 - 2018

Any updates in red.. priority jobs in bold..
  1. Fit the more chunky cleat bought at Widley boat jumble (2014!) on the foredeck 
  2. Fit mid-ship cleats
  3. Fit electrics:
    • fit fixed VHF (which I have) - fitted - just need to wire it in
    • stereo (??)
    • Tiller pilot and electrics - dri plug fitted for power (just need to wire it in) - no time to fit the pilot..  it'll have to wait for next winter, I may be able to jimmy rig a temporary fitting, we'll see
  4. Replace fore hatch hinges

  5. Interesting hinge idea - right angle/bend hinges (from Hurley 20 "Summer Breeze")

  6. Previous GRP damage to nose needs a rebuild

  7. Fit anchor chain hawse pipe
  8. Fit recently obtained boarding ladder (a #1 priority after this little event [clicky]) - DONE
  9. Handrails - re-seal base - DONE
  10. Windex - source and fit and this time get a permanent solution! - DONE 
  11. Reinforce outboard pad and surrounding area - replace pad (??) - DONE

  12. Regular items:

  13. Rub down and coat of paint on cockpit locker lids / wash boards (as needed) - cockpit locker lids got a coat of paint mid last season and I refitted the hasps, but I would also like to trim the edges for a better fit.. Wash boards need doing..  will have to wait for a quiet day on the water
  14. Rub down and coat of wood preservative on rubbing strakes / cockpit board / outboard pad / hand rails (as needed) - DONE
  15. Antifoul - DONE
  16. Service outboard - DONE
  17. Service Life Jackets - DONE

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