Thursday, 21 March 2013

Launch day approaches... jobs, jobs, jobs...

Week today!!! 

She's largely ready to go, the main job at this time of year usually being anti-fouling but that's already been done by the previous owner (thanks!)

There's a few things I'd like to do, though, if only to improve my sailing experience for this year...


Not just interior soft furnishings, but also to protect the contents of the cabin from prying eyes - so I look on them as a security measure...

Sparrow's cabin is currently a blank shell - other than the bulkhead, there are no other attachment points for curtain wires etc, I'm thinking at the moment that I’ll use the aforesaid bulkhead, and then epoxy (or use “no more nails”) some vertical wood battens at the other end of each window to support the curtain wires... not dreadfully urgent but something to investigate and measure....

Outboard well...

I need to have another look, but I think the outboard well on Sparrow is “bare” and unadorned – I’m thinking I may need to attach some wood on either, or one, side of the lip to protect the GRP from the screws on the outboard...

Other than that:
  • Launch day is the 28th & a lift in is booked.. 
  • Insurance is arranged (no survey required) - I've gone with CraftInsure again, based purely on my previous experiences with them, that have been nothing but excellent..
  • Harbour dues are paid... 
  • Outboard is in for service... should be ready early next week....
Jobs for this weekend (in some kind of order of importance)
  1. Outboard well bracket/protection?
  2. Fit a more chunky cleat on the foredeck, if required
  3. She's missing a fair-lead on the bow, on the starboard side - replace....
  4. Drill the bow roller to take a locking pin (to keep the rope or chain in the roller) - check and see if I can find a replacement roller....
  5. Replacement halyards are on the way (for topping lift, main and genoa) current ones are in a poor state (sound, but very old, and very green).... 
  6. Bend on the jib, attach the boom and bend on the main
  7. Is the roller furling line long enough?
  8. About to order a boom/sail cover off eBay and I’ll fit it if it arrives in time (no time to make one though I toyed with the idea, but at £60 I wonder if it’s cheaper than I can make it anyway!) 
  9. Measure up for curtains... I'm hoping Ma-In-Law will make them for me..
  10. Last but not least – remove old name and ..
  11. ...give her a damn good power wash 
  I feel sure there’ll be a beer at the Anchor Bleu at some time in the middle of that lot as well... 


  1. Hi,

    I'm going to try this instead of curtains on Little Grace, it seems like a neat idea

    1. Clever aren't they....! I don't think they'd fit my style of window as there's not enough lip on the inside to be able to hold the mat... I need to spend sometime on the boat to check out a few things to see what's possible - only had an hour on it so far!

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  3. The same is true of my boat in its basic form but I have a plywood interior added so I should have no problems. Here are some photos that show you what I mean:

  4. Ref Dylans window covers, you could use some of these to hold a light weight cover.

    1. ..but what would I then do with the splendid new blue and white striped, nautical looking curtains, my ma in law is currently running up?? :o)))