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VHF testing on America's Cup Sunday

Much windier on Sunday, and as the tides were late, I took the opportunity to watch the second days racing on BT Sport..

Conditions were considerably better for foiling than they were the day before, so the racing was hot and furious..

Look at that (following)...  they're doing about 26 or 27 knots...  that's 30 mph...  must be an amazing ride!

So end of the third race, and Sir Ben had got a first and two seconds (the American's were hot today, much better starts in the last two races for sure) which gave him the event win by 1 point

...but also catapulted him into overall lead after the 7 races so far - Oracle moved up a place and Emirates New Zealand dropped a place.. they definitely missed their usual helm (Pete Burling has gone to Rio for the Olympics) and suffered badly this weekend as a result..

A celebratory cup of tea later, and I legged it down to the boat, but as it was grey, cold'ish, a late tide, and with generally uninspiring weather I took the fixed VHF…

America's Cup Saturday..

The Jolly Boys [clicky] convened on Saturday for a run out on Rod's boat Ami-Ly to see the first day of the America's Cup racing in Portsmouth (our home town), and what a superb day on the water it turned out to be...!

Met at Rod's at 8, on the boat by 9, and departed a 'suspiciously' quiet Pompey Harbour by about half nine.. a beautiful morning, but very quiet.. we were expecting much more traffic...

This year the organisers had provided a spectator mooring area so for the first time on Ami-Ly we actually deployed the hook - 5 mtrs of water and after the usual initial kerfuffle it had set by 11'ish and we settled back for racing which was later that afternoon.. an inspired decision by the way as would become clearer later in the morning....

Much banter ensued, some fishing (in which I actually managed to catch a living thing, albeit only slightly larger than a goldfish), a few beers, Smithy's missus had made a chocolate cake, the sun shone (and it was war…

Bar crawl redux

First time in four weeks of what we laughingly call "summer" here in the UK, where:
there's been a tideit hasn't been rainingit hasn't been blowing a hooleyI haven't been otherwise occupied with family, holiday, or other calls on my time... ...better go sailing quick then!

So also the first time out in four weeks almost had to re-learn the basics it had been so long...(it had been so long I actually went out to the boat - in the rain - last week and bought the outboard tank back with me so I could empty it into the car and fill it with fresh fuel!)

Winds were westerly so just a blip of the outboard to get me away from the mooring before the main was up and I was pushing off down the Northney channel under sail - beautiful morning, warm but overcast, and with a cup of filter coffee accompanied by a fresh scone with jam it doesn't get much better!

Winds were light, but 1.5 knots against tide was good enough, and with a westerly it was perfect for my first t…