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Kings Ransom delivery and stuff..

What could possibly go wrong? 😀 Stuff has been happening.. The main course is coming, but by way of a hors d'oeuvre I can advise that the winter job list [clicky, and page link above] on Sparrow is underway - in addition to completing  the quick fix on the jib halyard as a result of some wear from the halyard diverter eye strap, I have also .. 1/. Installed the temporary winter cockpit locker lids and brought the proper ones home to keep out of the winter weather - no point in trashing the good one's which are in surprisingly good condition after a long season of hot weather interspersed with torrential rain and wind..  no idea how old these one's are as I've made so many of the damned things I've lost count but except for a few minor cracks I need to seal, and a coat of paint, they're good to go.. I have also 2/. "pressure washed her bottom" - apologies no '

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