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TISC* tickle

First time out in four weeks but what a cracker.. we currently have a super moon [clicky] so there was a huge tide due (5.1 mtrs) which offered an opportunity of 6 hours on the water (3 either side of HT) but not only that Windguru was forecasting a 4, and the weather looked sunny...   blimey....

(So good was the forecast in fact, that when I offered youngest daughter a trip out she jumped at the chance... you could have knocked me over with a feather... )

Either way, having given daughter plenty of opportunities to change her mind, Sunday morning found us both down at the club, and loading the tender - the wind was manageable, and I took the decision to take out the reefs I've seemingly had in all summer, fired up the donk, and by 9:30/10'ish we were heading down the Northney channel to the harbour. The wind direction was an (entirely strange) easterly - very rare...  what it meant was that the wind was cold, but it also offered up a number of interesting opportunities in th…

Jolly Boys Outing 2015

Well what a cracking weekend...  just back from four days on (the new) "Ocean Waves" with the rest of the 'Jolly Boys' (with the exception of t'other Dave who had a prior commitment in Spain..  apparently...), and just for once the weather was very largely kind.. 

Day 1 (18th) : Portsmouth to Cowes

Our day 1 was also day 1 of the Rugby World Cup and Smithy had made it abundantly clear that he would murder all of us and dispose of our bodies over the side if he wasn't firmly placed in front of a large screen television in time for the opening (England) game.. bit of an England fan is Smithy..

The old "Ocean Waves" (last years ride, a Jeanneau 40) was sold at the beginning of the year and the new one (the name is traditional with the Association, so all boats get renamed) is a Halberg Rassy 342 - slightly smaller but a classy boat by any stretch of the imagination...  the boat we were using is ex-Army and fairly typically was not high on labour savi…

Southampton Boat Show 2015

My last trip out on Sparrow was on the 23rd of last month - 3 weeks ago - I seem to have hit an impasse with regard to available time and weather and although I've been out to see her a few times to check she ain't sinking there's not been the time for sailing..  even the chance of an evening trip is sinking fast as the evenings are beginning to close in, and I feel like the season is getting away from me...

Next weekend is the Jolly Boys Outing - four days of uncontrolled mirth in the Solent on a Halberg Rassy 36 - beer will be consumed, curries partaken of, and I hope it will be a jolly time all round but it ain't getting any miles under Sparrows keel..

After that we are in to count down territory.... just four weekends of potential sailing, and on one of those I will almost certainly be on call (so unable to go) - it's been a poor season (so far - he said optimistically), weather and time have dominated...

On top of all that this weekend just gone was the only …

Clipper start.. London 2015

Good Lord, is it really two years since the last race??!

Anyway - those of you who have read this drivel for some time will know that my bother in law works for Robin Knox Johnston's Clipper Race organisation, and as another race has just started, managed to rummage up tickets (again) for the official start, which was once again in London..

The boats congregate at St Katherine's Dock, which makes the best starting point for the race that you can possibly think of, with a backdrop of the old East India warehouses, Tower Bridge, and the the Tower of London all competing with the colour of the yachts - it truly is a spectacular sight..

Arranged to meet my sister at the Dean Swift [clicky], surely one of the finest pubs in Christendom, where over an extended and leisurely lunch (very nice home cooked Scotch egg) I worked my way along the four hand pumps, not a duff one amongst them with only the "Pale Ale" by Redemption not quite hitting the 'exciting' button …