Sunday 29 January 2023

Life jacket servicing...

75% completed...

Both jackets survived the 24 hour inflation test with no issues - both as firm after the 24 as they were at the beginning..

Re-packing commenced..

On the downside, one of the bottles was showing signs of corrosion so I've gone ahead and ordered a new one - lesson learnt - this was in a life jacket I'd kept in the car since the end of last season - usually I store them inside...  it's been cold and damp, and this one has clearly suffered.

Time to pack them away..

New bottle should be with me some time this week..

Post edit: Now replaced - life jacket back online

Thursday 26 January 2023

Running rigging replace...

Time for an update on winter maintenance, which to be perfectly blunt, has not been the hive of activity one might like ... 

Two reasons really.. one, the weather has been atrocious, wet followed by cold followed by wet, and repeat, really disincentiv'ising...  and two, I've been car'less as my old one was side swiped by an 18 wheeler lorry on Christmas Eve, and the insurance company declared her beyond economic repair. By the time the insurance paid out, and I then found a new (to me) replacement car, January had all but disappeared. With launch only a little over 8 weeks away it's time I cracked on with at least some of the items on the list..  I suspect the bilge pump project will slip for sure, too many other priorities.

Job #14 on the winter maintenance list is to replace the running rigging which are original to my ownership of the boat, so they've been in use for 10 years..

There's nothing significantly wrong with them except that they are getting a bit stiff (salt water) and also a bit green/grubby, so the plan is to replace them with new ones, but then give them a good wash, check/replace whippings, and then store them ready to swap over when the new one's start to show the same signs of age...

The new halyards were sourced at the Southampton Boatshow last year. Three lengths of 20mtrs (one of them is a bit shorter), 6mm braided, and they're from the off cuts bin on the English Braids [clicky] stand - the whole lot came to about £45

These have plastic eyes in one end (I don't trust my splices) so to whip them in I used a variation of a locking whip (there's more types than you can count when you check Google.. 😁) to make sure the eyes remained in position..  as I say, lots of variations but this one (following) was nice and simple and the one I used..

Happy with these, and that red halyard is sex on legs..  😁

The mast is down at the moment so I have the choice of replacing them now, but to be honest it's probably easier with the mast up, as at the moment everything on the mast is tied down so halyard runs  are not as simple as they will be when the mast is up and everything is hanging free... jury's out - I'll check the the mast next time I'm down at the boat..

The first of the Jolly Boys to launch will be Rodders - AmiLy is going in at the beginning of March. He and I will be slapping some anti-foul on her before then - I feel sure pork pies and beer may also feature.

Will put the outboard in for repair and service next week..