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Pilsey dash..

Bit of a honus bonus this one as despite the lack of quality sailing time on Sparrow (been out on lots of other boats though..) this weekend was looking distinctly sub optimal to reverse that trend..

Tides were 7 and 7 (morning and evening), and in addition to that Sunday was looking stupid weather'wise.. add in grandson sitting duties (the significant women are all working) and I'd settled for a non-sailing weekend with perhaps a spot of Americas Cup highlights to get me through.. you can imagine my delight then when grandson was offered an overnight at his other grandparents, and having gone it was still two hours to HT!

Just a quicky then.. on the boat just shy of 1800, whacked in 3 sliders of reefs on the main as Cambermet were reporting solid F5's. Made the mistake of leaving the main up as I thought it might be easier, it might still be, but when I dropped the mooring the effect was to drive her broadside to the wind towards my neighbours boat (even with maximum fre…

America's Cup Preview Day

For those in the know (yachties mostly! ) Portsmouth is the place to be this week/end as it is hosting the first of the preliminary rounds of the next (the 35th) America's Cup which will be held in 2017..

We have six international teams in the city, including the UK team which is skippered by Olympic champion (Sir) Ben Ainslie Racing... Thursday was preview day, Friday (today as I write) is practice racing, and then Saturday and Sunday are race days with two races a day..

The teams are looking to get points which they can then carry forward into further qualification events (in Sweden and Bermuda this year, and Portsmouth again in July next year) and the winner at the end challenges the current holder (Oracle) in a one on one race series (in Bermuda again)

Either way, there was no way you could miss the event (in my humble opinion); this is quite possibly a historically significant (sailing) event as it may mark the start of the successful British campaign to bring the cup back to…

Playing Solitaire

Not been out now in almost two weeks but the weather for the proposed trip (yesterday) wasn't exactly enticing...   grey, humid and windless... things looked up though as in the morning I got a call from fellow club member David, owner of "Solitaire" asking if I fancied a trip out...well .. no choice really as "Solitaire" is a Colvic Sailer 26 with inboard and all the comforts.. 

David currently has her in Northney Marina, so we agreed to meet up there for a day on the water, with some sandwiches, and maybe a beer or two...  when I got there though the conditions had changed considerably, we now had a force 4 gusting 5 and easterly. Pausing only to bless the boat for the season (David had had a bottle of "Summer Lightning" I gave him for the purpose waiting for this very thing for donkey's aeons!) we cast off, reversed off the pontoon and headed ut for an enjoyable morning pootling..

With the breeze as it was (easterly) we opted for "Solent r…