Wednesday 18 July 2018

Delivery cruise - AmiLy

Almost bit Rod the Mod's arm off when he asked if I fancied joining him on AmiLy [clicky] for a little delivery trip round from Portsmouth to Chichester..

Rodder's is in the process of getting her ready for sale and she had a little glass fibre damage as a result of life on a pontoon in the middle of all the winter gales, so was taking her round from her usual berth to Chichester, in fact Northney marina just across the way from Sparrow's domicile, for repairs..

So an early start was in order so as to be able to do some bodging on Sparrow's tender and launch trolley before I met up with him; the trolley is old and is beginning to succumb to terminal rust, for the time being I angle grinded off the worst bits, and bolted on a new block of wood as a nose rest..  I then added a few extra screws to the tender to tighten up the block that the rowlocks fit in, and also tightened up the bolts that had worked lose from the last fix in on the transom [clicky] - finished up with a coat of wood preservative and all was good for a return to the pen in time to meet up with Rod..

Left my car at Northney - we then went to pick up Dave - on the boat and leaving by 12 in what looked like some boisterous conditions. Heading out of the berth a decision was swiftly taken to put a reef in (just the one but it turned out to be a good call) before we headed off down harbour..

Big Lizzy was in...
..and that was largely it - we then had the most fantastic downwind/very broad reach to the West Pole via the outer gate in the submarine barrier - getting windier as the afternoon went on, but with tide behind as well it was a glorious sail in a Solent at its very finest; a bit pitch'y and roll'y because of the aforesaid wind tide combination, but the sun shone, the water glittered, and visibility was as clear as a bell all the way to Cowes and beyond...

Gybed (remarkably easily and controlled) at the West Pole and then had a broad reach into and up the harbour before arriving Northney, tying up, and collapsing for a beer and a snooze in the sun...  three old men content with the world!

Superb day..


Distance: 18 miles (13.91from start of track - added a few miles from their to Whale Island)
Wind: F5 gusting F6; SW going SWxW
Sail Plan: One reef in the main, full jib.
Speed: 7.1 / 5.6 (!)

Monday 16 July 2018

Fishing and HISC and catwalloped..

How good was it to get out on the water in Sparrow...

So - been a while since the last sail - a whole load of duff tide weekends, and then the Jolly Boys cruise, then a spot of being ill, and here we are 6 weeks after I last took her out...

Prime time tide today (14:00'ish) so I was on the boat by 11, in what looked like not very much water (and still no sight of the damned windex 😕).

A quick sort out, checked the bilges (dry) and I then changed the fuel in the outboard remote tank to fresh as it dated from Easter/launch weekend, and in this heat that's more than long enough. with fresh fuel engine started up second or third pull, and we were ready go..  only downside was what looked to be not very much wind.. in which case, fishing rod was deployed and ready...

Motored down the channel - I did consider raising main in the pool by the bridge but there really wasn't a lot of water about - and then finally raised main and rolled out genoa as I passed Sweare Deep... just as I caught my one fish of the day..

Motor sailed past Marker as the wind was just, just, right to do it on one tack most of the time - it kept veering a few degrees more south every now and again - but the engine was finally switched off just past Marker and then I had a couple of excellent sails down to HISC (almost) and back, while enjoying the sun, and an increasing breeze..

Cracking day rounded off by a chat with some of the Jolly Boys (and partner) on their kayak's, and Silhouette Chris back on the moorings - and another seal sighting in the moorings as I was tying up ...  absolutely cat-wolloped when I got home though - that bout of illness took it out of me..

I'm doing a delivery trip with Rod the Mod on Tuesday - AmiLy is going into Northney for some work so he, t'other Dave, and I will bring her round from Whale Island - we have high hopes we'll be able to fly the chute (also known as the purple meany)..  I'm meeting them at 11, so I think some much needed bodge'ry on the tender and launch trailer is the order of the day before I meet them..  more anon..


Distance: 9.42   (cumulative total in the mileage tab at the top)
Wind: F3 going F4 (& gusting bottom end of a  F5 by the end of the sail); SW going SWxS
Sail Plan: Full main; couple of rolls in the genoa..
Speed: 2.3 / 5.0