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Group Captain F.H.L. 'Crab' Searl

A long (long ) time ago I learnt to sail at Emsworth Sailing School, run by an exotically named gentleman known as Crab Searl - there's no Wikipedia entry for this gentlemen - so the following will act as a data dump for a possible Wikipedia article - if you have information feel free to post a comment - with your sources....

============================================== Group Captain F.H.L. (Francis Henry Louis) 'Crab' Searl
Nicknamed "Crab"; nothing to do with the water variety; it had to do with him flying aircraft sideways.

Was with 211 Group [clicky] RAF, Middle East Forces (letter signed 8 Jan 1943 (5))

Started the first (date?? earliest I have is 1959(4) ) sailing school in Britain after the Second World War in Emsworth (at 59 Bath Road) where he was Chief Instructor.

Sailing School was incorporated on the 16 April 1962(1), but went into liquidation in 1978 (3)

He was Race Coordinator for the inaugural, Daily Telegraph and BP sponsored, ‘Round Britain Po…