Friday, 10 January 2014

Job #9 - Cockpit drains - prep...

Time at last to get down to Sparrow if only to start preparation for some of the jobs I want to do before launch...

So first job was to identify what size the stopcocks are, and what condition the whole set up is in generally... 

First off, the cockpit drains...

Port side

 Which look good to me...   generally considered to be a good idea to have two jubilee clips but the fitting, and backing plate, looks good/sound...  nothing structural required there.

So on to the stop cocks..

Through hull fitting looks good, but I'll investigate further to make sure that pad is sound....

 The starboard side will operate, it opens and closes but is stiff, the port side won't - it's jammed.
Side view

I need to research those markings..  I think the P would indicate these are not DZR

The  stop cocks themselves look good - I wonder if the better move might just be to strip and clean the closing mechanism and leave in situ..  time to ask for some advice!

...and size/scale - I'll pass these by my mate to confirm, but they look to be 3/4".

Thinking the best bet would be two new stop cocks (DZR), new hoses, new jubilee's and leave the cockpit drains and skin fittings alone.


  1. Hi Steve,

    Calder (I guess you know his work) suggests lever type stop cocks are better.


    1. Hi David.. yes agreed... and that's what I'm going to do as the general consensus seems to be that those stop cocks are standard domestic plumbing items...

  2. Why are there five nuts on that?