Thursday, 2 January 2014

Some progress......

First off, Happy New Year ...  wishing anybody passing by this little corner of the interweb "fair winds for 2014"
When I say "some progress"...   not much.....  

Part of the problem is the weather which is not conducive to say the least - this was yesterday:

Picture courtesy ITV

...that's the Royal Oak at Langstone just round the corner - normally it looks like this - in fact this is pretty much what it looks like from my mooring in the summer:

Picture courtesy

....quelle difference and all that....   so weather, then Christmas and New Year got in the way, etcetcetc...

All excuses..  it's time to get on!!

Anyway - stuff is arriving at HQ for the winter refit..
  1.  Pair of bargain fairleads from eBay (job #2), 

  2. From eBay some butyl tape for bedding same (and also other deck fittings)
  3. 12v 2 pin deck connector (part of job #12)
  4. Quick release clips for the battery (when it arrives- also part of job #12)
  5. Bradex Easy Start - for the tool kit!
  6. Couple of stainless steel clasps to secure the locker lids (job #11) - need to find some hinges but I need to have a good look at the lids first...

  7. The boat name is ordered (job #17) - I used Funky Monkey for this, there are others available but this had a website that was easy to use. I've gone with a single name, and separately my club initials, which will all go on the stern - if  I change my mind I can go for another couple for the bows later....

Lastly, something to look forward to - I'm off to the Boat Show on Monday!


  1. Oh yeah, shiny bits, we love em ;) Looking forward to the boat show... see you on Monday.

  2. Good grief! That pic of the Royal Oak is unbelievable. I have never seen it like that and I lived in Langstone for very many years..

    Was it flooded? (silly question really)

  3. Hi Sue - yes I think so - they have storm boards but there's nothing you can do about weather like that... may even be worse this weekend....