Saturday, 15 February 2014

Job #6 - Paint the cabin - 30% done

What can I say,  it was a good Sunday...  

I'm using the same paint I used on Papillon (my last boat) for this job as I was pleased with how hard wearing it was, it's bog standard (Homebase own brand I think) bathroom/kitchen paint...  it's formulated to manage in a damp environment, and it has anti-fungal properties as well...  seems purpose made!

Anyway...   having painted the bulkhead the inspection hatch was in I finished the rest of the locker, and then cracked on with the hull and main bulkhead (the one separating the two cabins) in the forward cabin...

Al done with the exception of the roof - which needs some preparation as the old paint is flaking... either way I reckon 30%  of the entire cabin done and I hope to finish off the rest this coming weekend...

From this:

To this:

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