Monday, 31 March 2014

Jobs #24 and 25 completed... 16 days to go...

Couple more jobs completed, as the clock ticks steadily away...   bit of a cheat these as they have to be done every year anyway...

Job #25 was the antifoul - that's completed now...  from this:

...and two coats of Tiger Extra later she looks like this:

Navy blue is the dogs nadgers for making boats look good...

..I also put an extra layer round the water line for good measure, and based on last year I also raised the water line half an inch....

...ached in every bone in my body once that lot was done...

Job #24 was the outboard service - all done, no issues...

Finished the day with beers in the cockpit with "Coral" Paul who'd been crawling around underneath his all day with a pressure washer - think we both deserved the beer, and what a lovely day it was weather'wise!


  1. The Heron has had its annual smear of antifoul, 11 days to go! I enjoyed a beer afterwards too.

    1. Pete - new season is almost upon us - fair winds!

  2. I'm envious for every job i tick off there seems to be another three added to the end of the list at the moment

    1. Bursledon - I'm trying to rein in the same tendency - every time I look at her I think of something else I want to do!