Saturday, 15 March 2014

New jib/genoa

Wouldn't have had any trouble with seeing approaching traffic...
Having had a bonus at work I've been given permission to spend some of it on a new foresail ...  you may remember from last year that having put a UV strip on the foresail that came with the boat, when the time came to actually put it up it was far smaller than I expected... With a luff of approx. 20 feet, and a foot of approximately 8.5 feet I think it is roughly  85 sq. feet; having spoken to the sail loft this morning it appears to be a working jib.

The new sail (from Arun Sails [clicky]) has a full length luff of 22 feet (so I can lose the strop I've been using) and a perpendicular of approximately 11.5 feet giving me an area of about 120 or 130 square feet - that's 30% bigger...

I've ordered it with the UV strip, and it should be ready in 2 to 3 weeks...  very excited!

Separately, the outboard went in for servicing this morning... clearly the season is beginning to get closer, there are 14 other engines in front of mine in the queue... 


  1. I can see the headlines now "fat cat bonus blown on yacht upgrades" if only they knew

  2. Bursledon... it was either the sail or a new bike (cycle)... I can repair the bike, but i can't make the current sail bigger.. :o)