Saturday, 3 May 2014

Completed job list - winter layover 2013/14

Purely for reference - it was a pretty good winter, not too cold, so I got a fair amount done...
  1. Replaced fair-lead on the bow, on the starboard side
  2. Replaced roller in bow fitting
  3. Repainted hatch covers - main, forehatch, and rear cockpit
  4. Started painting the cabin - 50% is done; fore-cabin completed
  5. Cockpit drains - sea cocks and hoses replaced, all double clipped
  6. Ordered and received a replacement/new jib
  7. Applied boat name
  8. Re-riveted spreader plate 
  9. Pressure washed and cleaned hull
  10. Applied lifting marks
  11. Installed an inspection hatch in forward bunk
  12. Replaced the jib halyard diverter
  13. Outboard serviced
  14. Antifouled
  15. Life jackets serviced - one gas bottle replaced
  16. Freed up the fore hatch hinges which were rusted almost closed...
Now let's go sailing... 


  1. I'm feeling very jealous, going to drag myself down to the boat to get her ship shape today but just don't have any enthusiasm, she still needs a scrub and antifoul but may is ticking away and pretty much booked up with other stuff

    1. Bursledon - it's sunny, and there's a pleasant breeze,and someone is telling me its forecast to last for an impossible number of have no excuses.. :o)

  2. "Pretty good winter" ? Did we just experience the same torrential downpours and gale force winds? ;-)

    1. Ha.. I accept your premise on the wind/rain front.. but those were the weekends I worked inside the boat.. :o)