Monday, 22 September 2014

Lift out approaches.... thinking thinking thinking

.....where did that summer go then???

So I have my lift out booked for the afternoon of the 12th, and now the regular annual mind marathon starts..  do I drop the mast, or do I fancy sailing her round, and if either...  "when"??

Have spoken to "Coral" Paul and he's dropping his mast and going under the bridge for a lift out on the 11th, and has also said he fancies a sail round and will crew if I do it....

It's fairly moot as the mast will need to come down anyway this winter as I want to fit a VHF aerial/windex combo and replace the masthead tricolour, but it's an opportunity for a last adventure before the winter strikes....

This was the last (and only) I've been round - 2010 on "Papillon" - 16 miles in all, in about four and a half hours....
If I go, and the weather is the decider, then I'd plan to go this coming weekend (27th/28th) as tides are 07:00/07:30 and 19:00/19:30... at 4.5m I would leave about 10'ish, and there'll be water the other side from 4'ish... the weekend of the 4th/5th which is the weekend before the lift out (and clear to any numpty who chooses to look at a calendar properly...) The only problem is that the tide is small and the times are not optimal 0900/2100 - great for leaving, but getting dark for arriving......

Long range forecast for Sunday looks good so far, fingers crossed.


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    1. Bursledon - it would help if I could read either a calendar, or a tide table... jeeesh... what a numpty.... post updated.. it looks increasingly like this is going to be a no-go'er purely because of time and water....

  2. The end of the season is always a bit sad. My boat's coming out of the water after the Annapolis Sail Boat show and then its on to winter maintenance (which I find relaxing in a strange way)

    Enjoy the last few sails of the season

    1. Thanks Miles - you too - how's the new boat been?? F.w.i.w - I quite enjoy the maintenance stuff as well.... :o)