Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Cracking on... Job #8 - Washboards / Job #19 - Jammers / Job #9 - Hatch covers / Job #16 - Antifoul / Job #20 - Rubbing Strips

..busy, busy, busy..  two weeks to launch.. the club yard, and Sparrow, is a hive of activity..

...jobs are getting ticked off like a metronome...  tired though..   so after the four day weekend...

...the lower washboard (Job #8) is done...  scraped back to sound paint, sanded, and then ended up putting on four coats (I think) of exterior white.. I have a new padlock hasp on order that's in transit from Hong Kong of all places (reasonably priced stainless fittings in the UK just don't seem to exist..). Next winter I'll build new ones, in fact one singular, as I fancy a single board...

...the hatch covers are now also done - Job #9 - exterior quality ply, three coats of white exterior both sides, neoprene tape on all four under edges - nutted, bolted and butyl'ed to the point of maximum tightness, happy with these..  one of the two 'major' jobs for the winter..

...the VHF base and flagpole holder are now in place on the push pit board..  I took delivery of a cable gland this week which I planned to use for the VHF aerial cable, but before I start drilling holes I need to finalise in my own mind what plugs sockets and adaptors I'll be using..

...with a palm sander I took the rubbing strips back to a solid, smooth, surface (Job #20), and they have now had three coats of the same exterior wood stain [clicky] I put on the pushpit board.

I think they look good - time will tell if this was a useful experiment or not..  either way, job done..

...the other big job of the winter is the jammer replacement (Job #19) - they are now ready to go on and I was all set to do them when I realised the new bolts I had bought weren't long enough - having drilled through and measured I think the thickness at the top of the winch post must be something like 25-30mm..  a whole inch...  marine ply under the surface glass/gelcoat, with another layer of glass underneath.. very solid! So 40mm bolts needed and I will get them this week, just a matter of bolting it down then as the holes are now drilled both sides.

Separately, the anti-foul (job #16) is ordered and should arrive Wednesday this week ready for next weekend.. I was unimpressed with the Tiger Xtra last year (though to be fair it didn't seem to do any worse than anyone else's in the club - it was a bit a warm, sunny, weed-fest last summer seemingly) but this year with no bargains at the chandlery's round here, and Flag Cruising no longer available from Toolstation, I've gone with Premier Marine Paints Cruising Plus. 2.5 ltrs of dark blue (everyone knows boats look the dogs nadgers with a dark blue bottom) set me back £39 including the postage, from Amazon of all places (is there anything they don't sell?)..  bargain, as I had some birthday vouchers to spend anyway..

Times moving on fast now - I have my launch window - I'm going in on the 19th, all being well..  just the two jobs left to do though, oh, and a damn good wash with the  Silky Marine Deep Cleaner [clicky]...


  1. A man who can't remember how many coats of paint he has put on is a man with many thoughts of sailing on his mind - it is a very, very good sign (of sanity amongst other things).

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Alden - I'll be glad to get afloat for a rest... job tonight is to check out the top of the mast with a view to replacing light, and fitting windex... I have an idea....