Saturday, 4 April 2015

Job #22 - push pit board refurbishment - Job #17 Service outboard - completed

From this un-pretty sight.. this.. a slightly prettier sight.. 

...sanded back to the wood, and then 3 coats of exterior, oak shade, wood protector..

...not a varnish, but it does give a smooth hard surface..

..and despite the blemishes still showing through, it looks a lot better...

...finished it off with butyl tape under the washers/bolts (to protect against water ingress); I'll refit the flagpole holder, and the base for the new VHF aerial tomorrow.. done..

Speaking of "done", I picked up the outboard from the engineers this morning - that's done as well... all good; not a moment too soon for the anode (on the right) though..

..uh oh..

Sad news, Bill (of Home Marine at Emsworth, the outboard engineers I use) tells me he's retiring as of this year, 67 years is enough he says, the good news is that he leaves the business in good hands as Simon will be taking over..


  1. Your boat is like my boat - always something to do - boats are never fully completed, they are always a work in progress. You are a lot closer now to summer and some good times sailing!! .... and God bless anodes! better the anode than the engine!

  2. That anode had a good few years left in it. The entire purpose of the anode is to look bad and disappear so as long as it's sat there fizzing it's fine :)

    1. Lustyd - true - I blame the long run back from Poole on Boobalena when Giblets went on the PBO "beginners" cruise... :o))