Friday, 10 April 2015

So close I can smell it... Job #16 Antifoul, Job #21 Varnish grab rails and Job #11 masthead light

Made some really good progress in the last few days.. the new lighter evenings coupled with warm sunny weather have meant two or three hours working on the boat after work is now possible and I've taken advantage this week...

So Wednesday saw me dismantling the old light on top of the mast  (Job #11 - 6) in readiness for fitting a new one..

I had expected it to be a right pain in the nether regions to get off, but turned out to be not quite so bad.. the old one is one of these (Aquasignal 40 series I think), but so old that due to UV damage over the years the lens was completely opaque..  it was also the old style screw on (piccie is the newer click in style)

The previous owner had attached an aluminium plate to the top of the mast, which the light was then bolted to - disimilar metals on bolts and plate had caused them to lock solid except for one - having tried to undo them I succeeded with the one, and then resorted to a very large screwdriver to lever the bottom of the light which caused the others to give way...

The good news is that the aluminium plate is largely sound as I have plans for it - I've made a slightly larger plate out of HDPE (chopping board plastic) which I will bolt to it, and which will have the light and also my Windex on it... that's a job for this coming weekend.

The new masthead light is a plain white - Sparrow's less than 12m so doesn't really need a tricolour, and when the time comes, the port and starboard nav lights will go at deck level where I can more easily see/fix them if they need it...

Having got the light off, and tidied up the aluminium plate I then moved to the next job which was to sand and varnish the coach roof grab rails with the same stuff I used on the rubbing strips - I've put two coats on because they looked largely ok - I may put on another coat this weekend when I have time to check them..  While I was doing it and had the paint brush out, I also rubbed down and varnished the outboard mounting plate....  and that was the jobs done for that evening..

When I got home I was slightly amazed to see that the antifoul had arrived (they only shipped it the day before) so that went on last night...

Obligatory "before" shots..

...and after....  

...two coats, with an extra thicky layer on the waterline and the leading edges .. with navy blue bottoms look the dogs nadgers!!

So close to completion I can smell it..  so what's left to do?? Masthead plate would be good - not bothered so much about the light but I'd like the windex...  and bolt down the new cam cleats...  to be honest I could do both on the water if I wanted so I'm that close....


  1. Nicely done Sir. My Leisure17 sits awaiting her coating of antifouling as I write!

    1. Andrea - nicely done yourself - just been reading your blog. Those Leisure 17's get to some far away places!

  2. Your post reminds me that I must check my own Tri - Colour Nav on the top of my mast. It takes a small 25watt bulb - But! with the advent of LED bulbs they now last a lot longer! - Must gather the courage to ascend said mast, check opaqueness and changer the bulb!

    Sparrow looks good with antifouling paint on - bilge keels, no cradle to trip over - what a bonus!

  3. Wargaming is a cheap hobby compared with boat owning!

    1. Legatus - too right - especially my wargame budget!