Friday, 17 April 2015

That's it for winter 2014/15 - I'm done...


Popped down to the boat on Wednesday night and finished off the new cam cleats - friend "Coral" Paul was down and offered to hold the screwdriver, while I nipped up the bolts from underneath - as expected all done inside of 15 minutes so we adjourned to his boat for a chat...  agreement is reached that we'll have a joint sail somewhere this summer - maybe Bembridge, as neither of us has been...

Paul's boat is two or three in front of mine when we're on our moorings (the red one in the following) but unlike me he has his mast up and is planning to sail round the island to his mooring - best of luck, matey!

Returning to the boat I then installed the magazine rack I've had sitting on the boat since last summer waiting to be attached to the internal bulkhead - all done now so that's a useful spot for licences/charts/guides/mini almanacs, and the tidal flow charts for the Solent..  much tidier!

Last job for the evening was to fill the holes from the old cam cleats with some plastic padding..  all went OK, but the first time I've ever used this stuff and I was quite surprised at how quickly it started to go off.. happily after I'd plugged the last hole but no more than 10 or 15 minutes working time...  too much hardener?

Yesterday I went down and rubbed down the padding to flat with some wet and dry ..  gratifyingly hard and a good repair I think.. repairs and new cleats..  job done..  and no that's not rust - I had on my cycling jacket, fluero orange!

Finished off with a damn good wash and scrub (boat not me) and pressure washed to finish...  performance of the Silky Bright was disappointing..  mixed it up as suggested, but it says only leave on 30 seconds (much more than that and it would dry), but very little difference before and after, even with a good scrubbing as well. Gave up and used the tried and trusted washing up liquid.. perhaps the dirt I have is too ingrained?? I think I probably need to try the oxalic gel treatments....

So my launch is scheduled for Sunday and all eyes have now turned to the short range forecasts as I'd like to get the mast up pronto - preferably on the day - the A frame is loaded, and I have Rod the Mod lined up for lifting duties..  forecasts are slightly different (as ever)...  I'll make my mind up about the mast tomorrow; she's definitely going in though!!

XC Weather - F4's gusting 4 or 3 later (HT is 12:00)

WindGuru shows same pattern but higher gusts...

Spectacular difference in cloud cover though..  maybe it's localised!

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  1. Nice peaceful anchorage.

    Good to know someone else realises the ubiquitous use of washing up detergent - I use it to wash my yacht on her mooring all the time - bucket, broom, detergent, river water and elbow grease.