Thursday, 24 March 2016

Coming along nicely...

Just over two weeks to launch, and with another Atlantic low tracking in (it must be a Bank Holiday weekend ), I decided to take a day off on what looked to be the last good weather day for a while in order to get some work done on Sparrow..

First order of the day was anti-foul..  for good reason the club likes members to anti-foul at least a week before launch as it means the paint has a chance to harden off a little, and therefore not leave deposits all over the strops used on the 8 ton lift, which then get transferred to top sides of the next boat, and the next, and etc..  With this weekend looking to be a wipe out, and the low staying with us until well into next week, it was a bit of a "no brainer"..

So obligatory "before" shot..  all taped up and the first tray loaded...

..and that ground is as hard as it looks...

...and I love this bit... "after"...  my absolute favourite bit is taking off the masking tape - watching that straight line appear...  small pleasures! 

.....I'm convinced the chap behind me is using the same brand....
...a little over 2 hours with a break in the middle for a coffee - it's a hideous job, especially the bit between the keels..  even with gloves, all over covering and glasses, I was still liberally smeared and spotted... when I got home that evening I even had a couple of paint spots on my front teeth..!  

Went with a new plan this year and used the entire tin - just kept painting it on until I didn't have anything left - previous years I've given it two coats and an extra on the waterline and come away with a half litre of paint for "just in case" which I then never use, so two thick coats all over, and then extra thick coats on bilge keels, rudder and water line...  time will tell (as usual) but I liked this stuff as it was a little less viscous than the usual stuff so much easier to roll on..

After that it was time for a beer from the boats bar with a cigar and a time for contemplating, before cracking on with some fettling jobs.....
  • Mixed up some plastic padding and filled those holes on the cockpit hatch and weather board from the previous padlock hasp, and 
  • while I had some spare I also filled a couple of old/small dings on the sides..  (as is the way of these things I then spotted a couple of others I'll do next time)
  • Glued and test bolted a batten to the inside of the top washboard cover - clamped it while it dried and once it was firm removed the clamps and slapped a coat of paint on the batten...
  • Put the final coat on the bottom washboard
  • Put the final coat of wood treatment on the tiller, outboard bracket and companion way sides
Jobs for next time:
  1. Rub down the plastic padding and paint both the hatch edge and the top weather board
  2. When the top weather board paint is dry, bolt through the batten to complete the top washboard
  3. Fit the earthing block inside the switch box
  4. Rub down the repairs to the dings on the topsides
  5. Fit the master switch
  6. Fit the crimp terminals to the negative and positive battery feed cables (measure the positive first as it is a partial length ie. battery <=> master switch <=> switch box/panel)
  7. Connect power to switch box and test
  8. Put the last coats on the cockpit hatches (they're at home so I can do them any time)
...after that I then want to do the bits and pieces to run the topping lift and halyard back to the cockpit.. then fit the cable gland for the VHF, and finally, give her a wash down with some Oxalic that I've just ordered....   no sweat!

Happy Easter, folks...


  1. Good Job done. and you had good access all around. I mostly dried out against the wall, pressure washed -fingers crossed that it was warm enough to dry the hull, rushing on 2 coats before the tide came back in. Sort of sprint painting, the worst bit was crawling between the wall and keel to paint- quite glad not to have a big boat this season (yet)

  2. Max - without a doubt mine is the better option.. but three days later I still have bruises.. :o))

  3. Lovely "after" shot! Horrible job to do.

    1. Carl. I would quite happily have let..... you do it... :o))

  4. You sir have a great blog! We bought a Hurley 20 last year called 'Bucket', moored in Chichester Harbour by Sparks marina. Where is Sparrow moored? We have a few questions if you don't mind us picking your brain?

    1. Ta muchly "Bucket".. bought my first ever proper boat from Sparkes 6 or 7 years ago, I remember it with fondness.... Sparrow is up by Hayling Bridge, and feel free to ask questions... either here, or why not start a blog, "Ships Log Yacht Bucket"??? :o)

  5. Steve, there's another boat that will sport the same colour later this year... mine! Thanks for the tip, I paid Marine Superstore a visit this weekend for antifouling. I also got some primer as it's not had a coat of antifouling for some years.
    I'll have to arrange a weekend with early and late high tides so I can put Sprite on the beach. One day to prep, the next day to paint.
    Hope Sprite looks as good as Sparrow when its done.

    1. Ta Mark, and de nada, return favour for tipping me off to a number of bargains.. it's interesting stuff, lot less thick and gloopy than previous ones I've used, but it goes on well and the second and third coats almost seem to paint themselves... kudos for doing the job on the beach, I'd not fancy it!