Friday, 11 March 2016

More ticks than a mangy dog.. redux...

Remember saying that last winter as we got close to launch, but despite getting a lot of stuff prepared, I've not quite hit the heady heights of last Spring... It's been a cold wet windy winter, and I've been busy with work and family stuff so I've not done quite as much as I would have hoped to date, but having said that most of the stuff on the list is "non-urgent" - I've done the critical stuff in previous years...

So this is what I'm hoping to get done this weekend.... the forecast is for warmer sunny weather and I also have Monday off so I can crack the back of it...

1/. Fledgling 12v electrical system... job #5

All the stuff I ordered has arrived with the exception of the stainless steel earthing bar (parts availability crisis apparently - should be with me soon though)..

I also devoted some thought to a cupboard or box to keep it all in and rather than make one (which I could do, but it wouldn't be as nice) I ordered one of these from eBay - the quality is superb. I'll give it a coat of preservative, and then cut the holes for the switch panel/master switch/anything else in the lid (which is hinged, and has a catch for access to wiring)

My plan is to position it here - red or blue depending on whether I put it in upright or on its side - the dark wood you can see is the lip to a shelf, I'll take the lip off so that the box sites directly on the shelf, I'll then either put a bolt through the shelf, or through the edge of the cockpit hatch sides to hold it in place...  cables will be fed from the battery up the inside of the bulkhead and through two drilled holes in the shelf/box into the box itself....

2/. Job #4 Lead halyard/topping lift back to cockpit:

I was having second thoughts because the position of my mushroom domes on the cabin top obstructed the run of the lines from the bottom of the mast, and I had started thinking along the lines of a shackle and block on the tabernacle, with a bullseye fairlead on the cabin top to feed the line to the jammers/cleats/cam cleats over the mushroom domes.

I'm confirmed in my idea and have come up with a far simpler solution than I originally envisaged - I have bought some 3mm aluminium angle (2" by 2" and 10cm long) - this I'll drill so it fits over the  bolt that goes through the tabernacle to hold the mast. In effect this angle will act as a "washer" on the port side of the lower nut and bolt...  the upper surface of the angle I will drill twice to take a shackle which will then hold a block to feed the main halyard (possibly) and topping lift (definitely) back to the cockpit - I can then either use the cam cleats I bough previously or keep it simple with a couple of cleats..  the height of the block will keep the line clear of the mushroom domes and cockpit hatch, the bullseye's will ensure a clean run to the cleat....

I'm thinking of not worrying about leading the main halyard back, as I have to go to the mast to reef anyway..  topping lift definitely though.. while I'm about it I will also install an additional cleat for the roller furling line for the genoa on the outside of the grab rails on the cabin roof.

3/. Job #18 Padlock hasp on wash boards - current one  is now rusting solid - I have a replacement so just whip the old one off and replace with new stainless steel one - hopefully after I've done the next one...

4/.  Job #21 Rub down and coat of paint on the wash boards - first job of the day so they can dry while I get on with other stuff

5/. Job #22 Rub down and coat of wood preservative on rubbing strakes / cockpit board - this was my success story of last winter - very pleased with the results, no blistering, no wearing, no lifting - still looks as good as new so just one coat required...

If I get that lot done I'll deserve the pint(s) I'll definitely also be having....! 


  1. Steve, Great to see you making progress!. I think the great weather this weekend has inspired us all. Heres to a great 2016! Carl

    1. Carl - the boat club yard has suddenly sprung into life - it's like those nature programs that show the greenery suddenly appearing in a desert after a single shower of rain.. ! :o)

  2. By the way - Your cabin looks incredibly smart (and tidy). Not like Pheebs! Carl

    1. Ha - that was from the "for sale" advert - little busier now but still pretty empty...

  3. Sparrow certainly has smart looking cabin - time I de-cluttered my own boat!

    1. Alden - I quite like the Spartan cleanliness, but to be honest I'm filling it up with the same crap most of us fill our boats with over time! :o))