Monday, 1 August 2016

Lazy Sunday afternoon.. err.. morning

And I can't sail my yacht,
He's taken everything I've got,
All I've got's this sunny afternoon.
The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

..not been out on Sparrow for a couple of weeks so when the morning dawned bright and sunny a decision was quickly made to get going..  can't even say I had a very close look at the forecast, just wanted some "me and boat" time...

As it turned out it was fabulous morning, I enjoyed the sailing, but it wasn't exactly what you'd call windy... very definitely a Kinks moment in time though, just me, the boat, a flask of coffee, and the radio, the sun shone and it was warm as beans - doesn't get much better.. 


Distance: 6.9 (in 3 hours! ) down to Verner and back
Wind: F1 occasional F2; N went round SWxS; for most of the trip it was just north of west....
Sail Plan: Full main and genoa - once I started for home I took a few rolls in just to help with the tacks
Speed: Max was 4.8 knots which would have been under motor; average 2.0 knots..


  1. Steve, you're making me jealous. Nice little video by the way. I've resigned myself to the fact that Sprite works better without weed and barnacles on the hull, so antifouling has jumped up the priority list. I got the Hempel classic when it was on offer (thanks for the tip) so I've got the stuff, just have to take it back to GRP before I can start painting. That's where my summer's going it looks like. Keep sailing, all the usual blogs have gone a bit quiet this year, so I'm relying on you for some vicarious sailing!

    1. ...bit of a nothing morning to be honest, Mark.. nothing earth shattering, just a beautiful warm sunny morning and a gentle drift - loved it..! Good news on the Hempel - had a look on Sunday and nothing! She's been in since the first week in April - so that's 16 weeks - I have to say I'm impressed, as I would have expected some slime at least by now

    2. Still gives me hope Steve, that at some point I'll be able to Get Sprite up to a point the frustration will stop and she'll sail like she's supposed to. Definitely good news on the Hempel, I scraped Sprite off only three weeks ago and already by last weekend some weed had attached itself again. I have a new weapon for the next scrubbing session: the pound-shop combined BBQ brush/scraper. I've bought a couple to see how they perform.

    3. Mark - will we ever get there? :o) I am constantly disappointed at my poor efforts c/w with the professionals, and those people who have the skills... doesn't stop me trying though.... look forward to seeing the results of the brush/scraper.. :o)

  2. Hi Steve, I've just accidentally deleted your comment on Port-na-Storm, sorry fat fingers on a smart phone.
    Can you re-send it please and I'll respond.
    Cheers Graham.