Thursday, 8 September 2016

Post work wind down

Been a long while since that last drift ..  week and a half as last Sunday was dreich to say the least...  I must admit I was beginning to champ at the bit, so last night I dipped out of work early for a little water based therapy..

Nothing untoward then - just a pleasant couple of hours, in an unusual wind direction, with a small diversion half way to check out a channel that I have never ever to my knowledge sailed in.. was an hour after high so it wasn't what you would call a full Magellan/Frobisher like survey...

The weed is beginning to build - if the tail end of Hurricane Hermine plays ball this weekend (she's due to touch down on Friday/Saturday I think) I'll take the scrubbing brush out and give the underneath some attention this weekend...  the weather is remarkably warm, it was 22'+ last night, which bodes well for the rest of the season..

The sharp eyed among you will have noted the arrival of the countdown counter..  yep...  that time of the year again..


Distance: 5.36 (cumulative total in the mileage tab at the top)
Wind: Both ends of a F3; wind direction SExE going ESE, but basically just south of full east...

Sail Plan: Full main and full and reefed genoa (she tacks/beats more easily with a few rolls in the genoa)
Speed: 4.4 / 2.7


  1. Best therapy ever devised by mankind - go sailing often, especially when lifes stresses kick in.

    1. Alden - certainly healthier than downing 3 pints of a strong'ish real ale ... which has the same effect....! :o)

  2. Nice to see you out there Steve. We went to Emsworth marina for tea - it's the time of year when you have to grab opportunities as they arise or you may not get another.

    1. Hi Chris- it was good to see you guys out as well.. beautiful evening - amazingly warm, 25's at 7 in the evening in mod September? Unheard of... but the dog days of summer are upon us regrettably.. just over 30 days until you get the harbour to yourself