Saturday, 8 October 2016

Last sail of 2016..

...well on Sparrow anyway.. 

So a crafty half day off to get a last sail in before Sparrow comes out of the water next weekend.. she's due to be lifted on the 16th, and Rod and Dave are booked tomorrow for the bi-yearly fun and games that is the raising/lowering of the mast..  always fun, and I've already got the beer and pork pies in for after.. 

Last weekend was a bit quiet so I thought I'd sneak out and hopefully get a better one, alas was not meant to be.. it was windier, but no more than a F3 all day, but what we did get was an easterly (well, just north of east to be precise) which is about as far from the usual direction as it's possible to get (we have prevailing SW'ly's round here)

So full main, 90% genoa (just because it makes it easier to handle rather than wind conditions) and motored into wind to the end of the "ditch"..  then turned and reached down harbour - kept well over to the side of the channel to keep out of the main tide which I estimated was about 2 knots on the nose..  seemed to work, as even with the tide it was a pleasant trip averaging 2/2.5 knots, would it been fantastic without the tide..! 

Reached HISC, and watched the Moth boys getting some coaching - they were having a hard time getting up on the foils though and gave up shortly after I arrived..

HISC or Hayling Iland Sailing Club..  big racing club - lot of racing for RYA and Olympics done here...
 ...carried on past the sailing club and into the harbour entrance but the tide was still strong, and the wind was dropping so turned just past West Winner, and just shy of East Stoke....

Building is the RNLI station - Eaststoke is just on front of it
Cold and grey.. and I had four layers on by this time.. so with one look over my shoulder towards East Head for the last time this year, I turned for home and rode the last of the tide back to the mooring.. OK sail - cold though, not my cup of tea - I've come to the conclusion I am (unapologetically) a warm weather sailor..  no interest in keeping Sparrow in over the winter!

Back on the mooring I took off the genoa, and then the main and boom...  I'll fit the A frame and mast crutch tomorrow (9th) when I get on the boat..   fingers crossed all goes well!


Distance: 9.89  (cumulative total in the mileage tab at the top)
Wind: Both ends of a F3 / ExN
Sail Plan: Full main and 90% genoa
Speed: Max speed 5.3 knots (under motor, saw some 4.7's SOG when I turned at Eaststoke) average speed 2.8 (good considering wind/tide/fouling!)


  1. I like the look of the HISC, although at first look I thought it was surrounded by scaffolding - then realized it was dinghy masts! LOL.

    All the best for the winter months, I have enjoyed reading your blog about you and your great little yacht 'Sparrow'. Remember the conciliations of winter are warm pubs and beer, yachting magazines and plenty of armchair dreaming about next season.

    1. Alden - there's some serious money involved in that club.. as I went past I counted the rescue ribs and there were at least ten...! Very popular amongst the competitive racing fraternity..

      Winter months are sorted with the other hobby.. :o) I've got some projects lined up for Sparrow as well though...