Sunday, 25 December 2016

...and so it starts...

...ships stores and enhancements are arriving... 

These were a bargain - four half metre strips, warm white LED's,and change from seven quid all the way from Hong Kong - how do they do it..??  So these are destined for underneath the shelves in the cabin as downlighters for some much needed lighting..

This is a two fold purchase - one it allows me to trim the boat better by sitting further forward in the cockpit, and two it allows me to reach into the cabin to get stuff without letting go of the tiller..

...nuff said [clicky] ...though to be honest, I have no idea why I've bothered as I have a dreadful track record with these buggers..  
Safety feature more than anything else.. "pre-owned" but a decent price and good condition


...and last, Santa delivered this, this morning - looking forward to finding out what I've done wrong so far.. ! 


  1. From my own personal point of view I could make us of the strip lighting, the wind indicator (someone stole Slipstreams) and the whipping twine - Santa is very useful at this time of year isn't he!

    1. Alden - the ability to lie on the sofa in sloth like slumber, with laptop balanced on distended belly, and still shop is a dangerous thing.. :o)

  2. With the LED be careful to how many amps draws and how hot it gets. If too many or too hot you should get an ampere limiter.