Tuesday, 10 January 2017

...and they're off... (job #20- Service Life Jackets)

Not exactly the most scintillating of posts, but at least it means I can report that the behemoth is not dead, just moribund...Someone clearly found a working electric cattle prod, as work has started (at last!) on the winter job list.. 

#20- Service Life Jackets - Done

Unpacked, checked for wear, cylinders weighed and checked against previous year (same), then finally manually inflated, and left for 24 hours...

...still up, so deflated, check the cylinders are firmly screwed in, then jacket's folded, repacked - jobs done..

#12 - Replace the cockpit hatches

I took the old hatches, traced round them on to the remaining hardwood ply I had from last time, and cut out the two new replacement hatches with the trusty jig saw... I remember it was a right pain last time, with not a straight edge to be seen, this time it was better, I put the blade on maximum speed and locked the power on so I could move round the cutting area more easily without stopping the saw.. still not perfect, but better than before! 

These are now sitting in a warm dry space to dry out before I one, check them for size, and then two, give them a coat of epoxy...  no mucking about this time - they're going to be bullet proof when I attach them

#4 - Cabin lights..

Somewhat irritatingly my soldering iron that I only bought last year refused to warm up..  this is what comes I guess of using cheap... either way the light strips I bought came with one set of wires already soldered, so I attached spades to all of these (to make it easier to take them out should I need to at a later date), I then quickly tested them from the car battery just to make sure they are working..  they were, and very bright.. My plan is still to mount them under the shelves in the cabin as downlighters, one on the port side (short shelf) and then two on the starboard side, with the fourth one in the forward cabin..  if they work out, then at that price I may well get a few more..


  1. There is always something to check, maintain, renew or fix!

    ... and very patriotic of you not let slip the real reason for your soldering iron not warming up ..... a hum dinger of an British winter LOL.

    1. Cheap Chinese cr*p more likely, Alden, as we've had no winter to speak of (so far)! :o)