Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Marker and back...

First sail of the year and according to my old records this is the earliest I've sailed in the year since that Baltic delivery trip [clicky] back in 2013... not quite as cold today, and certainly not as windy, but as a shake-down cruise it certainly hit every single one of the right buttons... 

Just a short outing then - wind wasn't up to much and it was also a late tide (16:30'ish) and neap'ish (only 4 mtr) but a much needed opportunity to slope off the the sloathful'ness and mild anxiety (that always presages the first sail of the year!) and actually get out and do what the boat is meant for....

So a trip down the cut (how many times have I done that) with much of the same but plenty of new to be seen, and then sails up (main) and out (genoa), outside Northney marina, and bear away for the end of the Emsworth channel....   did that two or three times and decided to head for Marker - wind dropping all the time, but rather than having to beat back, the wind, which was changeable all afternoon, went round almost 180' so I had a run down to Marker, and a run back - most unusual....

Cold though - northerly's most of the afternoon - layers going on all afternoon... but oh my, a boat, a breeze, and the Classic FM Hall of Fame [clicky] countdown (my top three came in at #'s 39, 135, and 224 by the way)..  does it get any better?????

Playing with the new selfy stick...


Distance: 7.36 miles  (cumulative total in the mileage tab at the top)
Wind: All over the place in speed and direction...  F2 mainly (climbing F3 for last hour), gusting F3 mainly (F4 for last hour) . NExE going SWxS for last hour..  at about 1600'ish Cambermet shows the wind going through 140'!
Sail Plan: Full main and 90% genoa..
Speed: Max 5.8 (under motor) / average 2.9


  1. Welcome back to the harbour, Steve! It was a fabulous winter but it's nice to be able to shed a layer or two...

    1. Chris - still feeling de-stressed now and I've been at work two days... :o)

      PS. C'mon - no posts for 5 months? I rely on you for my winter water tales.... :o)

    2. Congratulations Steve on your first sail of the year - the first of many I am sure
      : > )

    3. Welcome back Mr Smith - what have you been up to? Sailingthat delightful looking dinghy of yours?

  2. Busy, busy Steve. I race the Zephyr every weekend against the other Whangarei Zephyr and we are both looking forward to the OYCs winter series starting in about 3 weeks. We are both training for next years Zephyr nationals in Wellington.

    I will do a restoration on the Zephyr after the winter series and are having 'Mariners' diesel professionally rebuilt in a months time - so there is plenty happening boat wise. I am really looking forward to getting the big boat going again.