Monday, 1 May 2017

Completed job list - winter layover 2016/17

Purely for reference (mind like a sieve ), I completed the following this winter just gone:
  1. Mastfoot/tabernacle - drilled out the lower bolt holes slightly, and gave it a coat of Hammerite
  2. Electrics - fitted cabin lights [clicky]
  3. Tidied up the tender seat repair from last year
  4. Repaired the strut on tender launching trolley and freed up the wheels - and a bigger bit of bodge'ry than the repair to the strut is harder to imagine..
  5. Painted the inside of tender [clicky]
  6. Replaced the cockpit hatches (again); poor preparation on my part meant the ones I made a couple of years ago split and de-laminated. Cut, test fitted, epoxied.. rubbed down, washed and one coat of paint..this was the major item in this winters refit, and was not without it's ups and downs! Started here [clicky] and finished here [clicky]
  7. Binoculars holder (they kept falling off the shelf! ) made and fitted

  8. Tender rubbing strake needs repair/patched
  9. Rub down and coat of paint on  the wash boards
  10. Rub down and coat of wood preservative on rubbing strakes / cockpit board / outboard pad / hand rails (as needed
  11. Anti-fouled
  12. Serviced Life Jackets
  13. New Windex fitted - time will tell on this one!
All in all I'm surprised how much I got done...


  1. I'm surprised how little i got done! - you've done well! - good to see you still blogging old friend

  2. I like lists, it makes me feel good to tick stuff off when the works completed - also at my age helps me remember what needs doing LOL !

    Bi Nocs holder a must - I made one for the back cabin bulkhead and easily accessible from the cockpit.