Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Evening bliss..

Forgot to take my camera or phone with me so no pictures I'm afraid, but what a blissful evening sail on Monday...

Short sail after work - tide from 5 (HT 20:10) so slipped out from work, and had dropped the mooring by quarter past after first taking out the reefs from the main that feel like they've been there all summer...

Not much of a wind - sea breeze mostly - and a S/SSE'ly (Cambermet says pure S for most of it) but it was enough to remove the cares of the world as I had a nice beat up to the end of Sweare Deep, and a few tacks and gavottes at the end of the Emsworth channel before getting a good tidal push back to the mooring an hour and  a half later where beer was drunk while watching the world go by..

Must do that again...

No issues, but I am thinking that having lived with it for a good two to three years now, the genoa is going to have to be cut down - I rarely if ever use it fully rolled out, and for short tacking it's a nightmare..  will get it adjusted this winter...


Distance: 4.31 (cumulative total in the mileage tab at the top)
Wind: Top end F2 gusting low end F3; almost dead S, going SE by end
Sail Plan: Full main and practically full genoa
Speed: Max 4.9; average 2.7..  (both of those under sail, but the 4.9 would be tidal assisted!


  1. Steve, glad to see you got some sunny sailing in. I was thinking about ditching the Mrs at the train station in Portsmouth and doing some sailing last night too after work. In the end I caved and we had a walk from Clarence pier into Gunwharf and had a meal there. Sprite's not big enough to live on.... ;-)

  2. Sprite was looking Ok as I went past (on my bike) last night.. cycled down from Havant to meet some mates in the Sir Loin of Beef for a beer and decided to come down the Billy line and across on the ferry - lovely evening - the beer was well deserved by the time I got there though!

  3. I was on Hayling on Wednesday night, I always try to check on Sparrow as I'm driving past. Is boat spotting a bit too nerdy?

  4. Glad to see you are getting out and about Steve. Ciao Bella is still on the front garden eagerly awaiting next years season :( I will be out and about on Pauls Corribbee next week. We are thinking of heading East this year so may end up in your territory. I'll give you a call and maybe meet for a pint if we do.

  5. Phil, top notch.. see if you make it...