Friday, 20 October 2017

....out, but not down...

...  well I like to think so... 

Thanks to storm "Brian" everything happened a little quicker than we were expecting this year, but I'm jumping ahead of myself so lets start with last weekend, where on the Sunday (15th) that hard working core of the Jolly Boys (sailing chapter; mast dropping sub-chapter) convened on "Sparrow" yet again for what is a genuinely enjoyable session with the A frame, blocks, pulleys, that is the annual mast dropping session..  honest, I love it and they seem to as well though I'll be the first to admit I let them down on the catering side as the bar was empty..

Anyway, one of the most trouble free mast drops we've had I think, though we have it down to a fine art now having done it a fair few times - there was then much tea consumed, banter exchanged (given and taken! ), sultana and oatmeal biscuits consumed, before we headed for shore as the tide began to disappear and the clubhouse bar opened, where I was then able to remedy the catering mishap...  cheers guys - very much appreciated!

Come Monday or Tuesday then and eyes were being drawn to the weather forecasts for this coming weekend - not good - Saturday was showing Force 7 with  Force 9 gusts and a half an inch of rain, Sunday was marginally better - kept an eye on it but it wasn't getting any better so on Tuesday morning I popped into the club to see if there was any contingency and was surprised to see the tractor and hoist going at full chat, and half the yard already full of boats (we don't start lifting until Thursday, hence the surprise!) - either way, the club had also seen the weather and contingency plans were in force...  I shifted Sparrows lift from Saturday to yesterday (Thursday) and she's now out on the hard.. 

Good lift for me - think I was the second boat out? Came under the bridge as soon as I was on the boat, picked up a mooring to wait, and then came straight in - must have been sat on the blocks ashore by half ten/11?

There then followed the usual frenetic-ism..  outboard was taken to the tank and given a bloody good run through with fresh water (first in six months), once that was done and engine lifted into boot of the car, I then went out in the tender to recover my mooring gear..  swivel and chain was new this year and I don't see the point of leaving it in the harbour all winter - as is usual (and whenever has ANYONE not seen a galvanised shackle rust solid inside of five minutes in the sea? ) I had to hacksaw the main shackle but the rest of it is safe ashore now and I'll pressure wash the weed off the chain (and the boat) this Saturday.....

Talking of weed ==>

Some, but not loads - good crop of barnacles this year which I've already scraped off before they case harden - fairly happy with that to be honest, not premium antifoul so I wasn't expecting it to be as good as that..

Next stop, Saturday, with the pressure washer - if it's going to be windy and wet I may as well do it at the same time....   bring on the winter jobs....  of which more in the next, or next but one, post..

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