Friday, 19 July 2013

Standing rigging replace.. done!!!

So, it's all done...

I took Sparrow round to the Yacht Harbour yesterday morning on the early tide (0730) expecting to stay there for 24 hours, but a confluence of events found me returning to the mooring on that evenings tide, no time for a detailed investigation but the rigging is very nice and shiny...!

It was a good day all round, as having dropped Sparrow off, "Coral Paul" and I fast footed it to Tesco for a slap up brekkie before then going down to the club to hoist the mast on his boat (Sunray 21)... I do like mucking about with blocks and tackles, and boats always look better with masts up anyway... two of us did this one with the help of an A frame, a jib halyard, and a main sheet - good fun...

So now the riggings done, let's go sailing!

For reference:

  • Replaced 2 cap shrouds, and 2 pairs of lower shrouds, in 4mm 1/19 stainless steel wire with new 5/16th rigging screws (Swage stud to Fork) and new swage eyes.
  • Replaced the split backstay in 4mm 1/19 stainless steel wire using a triangular plate with new bottle screw and new eyes and forks
  • Replaced the forestay in 6mm 1/19 stainless steel wire (the fitting on the lower part of the roller furling needs a swaged eye with a diameter of 12mm which is only available to fit 6mm wire. ) with new eye at the top of the forestay and new stud or bottle screw at the lower end.


  1. Hello Steve,

    I can concur, it looks all nice and shiny....

  2. right,then... golf clap for you!!! well done!!