Monday, 7 April 2014

New jib/genoa arrived!

Oh yes...

Got a phone call from Arun Sails last week to let me know that the new sail was ready to collect so I popped down Saturday morning to get it..

Couldn't help asking if I could lay it out to see it in comparison to the sail I was using last season..  here it is on top of the new one...  blue stripe is the UV strip on the old/smaller sail...

Strop to extend the head....

I reckon at least 30%  bigger... that's a real driving sail...  looking forward to trying it!

Last of all, for reference, details on size.. I find it  kind of comforting that they still work in feet and inches..

Launch is a week on Thursday (17th April) and I still have some work to do (nose repair, and name decals to go on) but the weather this weekend was rubbish (wet and windy) so I'll be keeping an eye on next weekends weather..  I have visitors though so I may go for a cheeky day off..


  1. Now that's a big crisp new sail, do you want to sell the old one?

    1. Hi Peter.. almost certainly... just need to check new one is OK first..... :o)