Wednesday, 25 March 2015

More ticks than a mangy dog...

...but in this case off the job list though, and stuff I can do at home in the evenings and after work..

Job #23 - life jacket service - completed ..  gas bottles weighed (same weight as last year), screwed back in and checked firm - trigger mechanisms checked - inflated for 24 hours and all OK afterwards. Now re-packed and ready for the new season..

Job #22 - push pit board refurbishment - started - not a pretty sight to begin with..

I slapped a quick coat of varnish on these at the beginning of last season but the damage had already been done to be honest..

I've now given them a sanding within an inch of their life, and the coats of exterior wood stain are going on as we speak (one each side so far - three should do it); it won't cover the blemishes, but it should protect them.. 

Job #11 - item 3 VHF antenna  aerial - arrived this week; I know the range will be less, but the mast is only 20 odd foot and I like the idea of the aerial being readily available so the spot on the pushpit board may become permanent - we'll see next winter...

The aerial is a Banten (which is a reasonable make) but best of all it comes with the mounts for a flat surface - superb value for what it is - only time will tell on the quality (both of the aerial, and my soldering!)

Separately - Suzy the Suzuki outboard [clicky] sold this week on eBay - one can only hope the buyer turns up with cash this time, but I have a good feeling about this one...  the money from the sale will go towards a new main sail (eventually...)


  1. Best thing to do with literal or metaphorical mangy dogs is to get rid of the mange - in this scrub, sand and paint! VHF aerials can be problematic - up the mast - in an emergency de masting, no use at all - at deck level - less range - life is full of choices - where you are siting it is probably the best place all things considered.

  2. Alden - sums are fairly difficult but some facts I've managed to gather - assuming a 30 foot mast at the coastguard, I reckon I get about 15 miles range if my antenna was at the top of the mast, as opposed to 11 on the pushpit rail.. the Solent is only 4 miles wide at it's widest.. so I think it's good... the moment I decide to take her across the Atlantic it'll go to the top of the mast, trust me... :o)

  3. Good call, and being realistic about what you are currently doing with your boat. As you say, when you enter the Jester Challenge Solo Transatlantic race you can put another one up the mast.