Winter job list 2023-2024

Any updates in red.. priority jobs in bold..

  1. Fit the chunkier cleat bought at Widley boat jumble (in 2014!) on the fore deck - low priority

  2. Fit mid-ship cleats - low priority

  3. Navigation lights

  4. Bilge pump(s??) - was going to be the Winter '22/'23 main project but I ran out of time.

  5. Fit anchor chain hawse pipe - low priority

  6. The gel coat is original but is getting thin to non-existent in places - I will not paint her (that way lies madness) but I do need to stop further UV damage to places where it is thin - last winter ('22/'23) I roughly colour matched some off the shelf external paint and patched some of the worst spots as an experiment - it has worked a treat, so I will do the rest this winter...

  7. Titivate the tender - I'm looking forward to this one.. all done and tender is back in the pen..
    1. Rub down and reseal the forward and stern seats - DONE/CLOSED
    2. Seal and re-epoxy the front and rear of the keel where it has rubbed over the years - DONE/CLOSED
    3. Seal and epoxy the rear thwart - DONE/CLOSED
    4. Coat of paint inside and out - DONE/CLOSED
    5. Fit fenders - DONE/CLOSED

  8. Centre mast support needs modifying so that it supports the mast better - needs a bigger cross piece, and the post needs to be able to slide up and down to configure to the position of the mast.

  9. Jib halyard has worn at the eye strap for the diverter - cut out a foot and then rewhipped in the hard eye -  DONE/CLOSED 

  10. Outboard well inner pad needs replacing - thinking I'll use some aluminium plate I have knocking about - DONE/CLOSED

  11. Source/fit new Windex.. new Windex sourced, fitting will be last minute - DONE/CLOSED

  12. New washboards required next winter ('24/'25) - maybe a single board instead of two?
Regular/annual items:
  1. Install temporary winter cockpit locker lids and bring proper ones home to keep out of the winter weather; ditto tiller -  DONE/CLOSED 
  2. Rub down and coat of paint (as needed) - 
    • locker lids rubbed down, minor crack on one repaired, just waiting for some room to allow me to paint.. two coats on - DONE/CLOSED
    • Wash boards to do - two coats on - DONE/CLOSED
    • Tiller pilot support - two coats on - DONE/CLOSED
    • Tiller pilot clip rest - two coats on - DONE/CLOSED
  3. Rub down and coat of wood preservative (as needed).
    • cockpit board two coats on - DONE/CLOSED
    • outboard pad replaced 2021 but needs replacing again (will do same time as 10/.) - replaced with a double thickness of high-density polyethylene chopping board - rot proof and maintenance free.. DONE/CLOSED
    • rubbing strakes - not required this year
    • hand rails - not required this year
    • tiller - rubbed down and 8 or 9 coats of varnish applied
  4. Antifoul - DONE/CLOSED
  5. Service outboard - DONE/CLOSED
  6. Service Life Jackets - DONE/CLOSED
  7. Pick up chain:
    • I 'end for ended' the chain (bought 2016), swapped it round so the old end is new beginning and vice versa '22/'23.
    • Replaced the pick up buoy itself  with a spare I had in the garage '22/'23.
    • new shackle between pickup buoy and chain '22/'23.
    • new shackle between chain and swivel, '23/'24 - DONE/CLOSED
    • swivel replaced '23/'24 - DONE/CLOSED
    • shackle for swivel to mooring buoy replaced '23/'24 - DONE/CLOSED
  8. Pressure wash her bottom DONE/CLOSED 
  9. Pre launch wash and Oxalic - DONE/CLOSED

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