Saturday, 2 April 2016

More work done...

...despite Katie [clicky] doing her worst, more work was completed...

A good session over the last weekend saw the completion of the fledgling electrical system - no pictures yet, as I want to tidy up first, but in detail:
  1. New M4 bolts were fitted to hold the switch box in place - at 70mm they just fit from inside the bottom of the switch box to just under the shelf it is sitting on
  2. Fitted the earthing block to the left side of the switch box - two M5's used (which is overkill but I was going to use them for connecting the negatives as well, so the size was chosen for the crimps I was going to use)
  3. Fitted the master power switch - in the end I positioned it just under the step to the cabin as it is out of the way, protected by the step, and easy to get to - used a 22mm flat drill bit to make the hole for the key shaft and then through bolted the base from behind - good access to the battery box and cables are nicely out of the way on the inside of the bulkhead holding the step..
  4. Drilled a hole, from underneath, through the shelf and into the switch box, with the same flat drill bit - this is the access for all power cables to the switch box
  5. Measured off the positive from battery to master switch, and added in a foot or so to allow for moving battery/access, cut and added a 16mm2 crimp terminal (with a 10mm hole suitable for fitting to the posts on the master switch) put it on the post on the "downstream" (ie. to the battery) side of the master switch and bolted home. Then added another crimp the same size for the other side of the master switch ("upstream" ie. to the switch box) and bolted that on, then fed the remainder of the cable up behind the bulkhead and into the switch box where I fitted a spade connector the right size for the positive on the switch panel. All crimps and spades were then wrapped with amalgamating tape for protection and rigidity...
  6. The negative was simpler - measured off the length from the battery, up behind bulkhead, into switch box, and to the earthing block, added 6"- 9" to give some slack to play with, and then cut and attached a 16mm2 crimp terminal, but this time with a 6mm opening. I attached that to the bottom of the block (using the same bolt securing the earthing block to switch box as mentioned above), added another crimp (same size) to the remaining length, and bolted that to the top of the earthing block (using the same bolt), and then put a spade connector on the other end to connect to the negative on the switch panel. Again all crimps and spades were wrapped with amalgamating tape
Then I tested it, and I'm delighted to say everything worked as it should* - when switches are turned to 'on' the integral light comes on!

As I mentioned, a bit of tidy up work to do, but to all intents and purposes the fledgling 12v system is up and ready for appliances to be added...    I had some birthday money recently so first on the list is a combined voltage and USB charger, next will be the mast head light (which is already wired to the mast head, I just need to extend wiring from deck plug to switch panel). If I get time I'll then do the VHF, or it can wait....

* bit disappointed with the quick release clamps which don't fit the positive post on the battery - need to revisit, but I may need to order an alternative...

In between doing that lot I then finished the washboards - an extra coat on each between the showers, an extra coat on the batten, and I finished the day by bolting the whole lot together...

I've also finished the cockpit hatches - from this: this - clamp and glue... this...   four coats of exterior (don't ask!) silk white paint later..

Lastly, the outboard is back from servicing - just over £100 for a full service (including a plug change this year) and also the replacement/service of the inertia screw (to keep the outboard centred) which was slipping last year..  very reasonable to be honest.... any number of people will say I should do it myself, but I'm a mechanical numpty and I rely on the engine working...

Oh, and I also restocked the boats bar (Hobgoblin this time), and updated the essential supplies...

...suffice to say the old ones they replaced had not been eaten in two years, but as the tins were going rusty I thought it advisable!

So what's to do before she goes in?

One, leading the halyards/topping lift to the cockpit - I've just taken delivery of a couple of bullseye fair leads, I also need to do some minor engineering work on the piece of aluminium angle that will bolt to the mast (drilling the holes, cutting an angle on the edges to minimise possibility of self inflicted wounds, and file smooth all edges)

Two, a damn good wash down - just had some Oxalic acid delivered, looking to see what that will make of the stained gel coat in the cockpit....

Launch is getting close!!! 


  1. Steve, all looking rather good.

    Should see you on the water soon.


    1. Cheers Julian - launching Saturday, how's Billy??

  2. Billy is all repaired, I have been in the water since the beginning of March up at Hayling Yacht Services but with all the wind we have been having I have only been out once. Planning to sort that out this week and to be back on my mooring on Saturday, so may see you on the water.

    1. See you Saturday, and hope to have time to catch up.. "repaired"? :O