No sailing but phase 1 of the 12v system finished

Despite a serendipitous high tide at about 1400, there was no sailing this Sunday - just too damn cold... I could have gone but I wouldn't have enjoyed it so decided to get on with some other stuff instead while cowering sheltering down below in a nice (reasonably) warm cabin...

Time to finish off the first phase of the 12v installation then...

I replaced the 'positive to master switch' cable with a longer one, the quick release clip now works, and the battery box lid is also firmly attached - delighted with that one...

Earlier that morning I'd taken firm hold of any doubts and drilled two mahoosive holes in the fascia of the switch box in order to take the new voltmeter, and dual USB charger - happily it went largely OK, but a 28mm spade drill into thin plywood is never going to be entirely pretty. A sand down, and coat of wood treatment did wonders though and once on the boat, four M4 bolts hold the fascia panel, and the units were slid in and attached from behind...

Next job was to wire them in and I decided to wire them independently, just because I could, and I had the switches available...  if I run out in the future then I can daisy chain them to one switch if I need to..

Having done that it was time to test - master switch on, Aux 1 flicked (lit up good) check voltmeter, 12.8 and working, double success... 

...flicked on Aux 2, and lifted the cover, USB's also lit up - double success..

...the cats nest inside has already started to develop and at some point I will label all the wires to make it easier, but for now no need..

For anyone coming along afterwards:
  • at the bottom - thick red positive from master switch and thick black negative from battery
  • thick black negative from battery attached to bottom of the switching block on the left
  • thick black negative from top of switching block connects to common negative on the switch panel
  • thick red positive from master switch connects to common posative on the switch panel
  • thin black negatives from the voltmeter and dual USB to the switching block
  • thin red positives from the voltmeter and dual USB to the relevant positives for each switch on the switch panel...
  • all spades/pins etc with amalgamating tape to keep damp out...

...pleased with that..


  1. Good decision we were cycling down from Dell Quay to Birdham and it was brass monkeys even on the shore in that northerly

    1. Max, I'm advised its the damn jet stream again.. and we're likely to have this cold'ness for a couple of weeks... you'd almost think we have a BH weekend coming up..! :o)

  2. Nice work Steve,from one who has always perceived this sort of thing a black art. I might even have a go myself utilising your clear and concise description and photos.....well done that Man I feel a congratulatory ale coming on.

    1. Paul, lots help from others.. but very satisfying... nav lights next winter, "Coral" Paul (a friend and fellow club member) has some that wouldn't fit Coral I can have..

      Beer? That's a good idea...!

  3. Nice work Steve... Plasma TV next :)

    1. Cheers Phil - was wondering if I could have the 48" one off Ciao Bella when you get that upgrade to 56"??? :o))

    2. Also.. I concur with Paul.. Must be time for a beer :)


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