Tuesday, 7 March 2017

3 weeks to launch and not a lot of action..

I blame the weather, but nonetheless there still hasn't been a lot of action..

I can tell you that the outboard (job #19) is in for a service, and it should be back a week on Saturday or slightly earlier..

I can tell you that Sparrow's lift in is April 2nd which means I can also tell you that I will have to do antifoul no later than weekend of March 25/26th to allow it to dry before lift in...

I've put in an order (collecting on the way home) for disposable paint brushes - I have the epoxy and gloves already - and tonight I hope to put the first coat on the cut and fitted new hatch covers (#12)..

On the same order as the paintbrushes I also have cable clips for tidying the wiring for the lighting (#4), and I also have a new soldering iron to allow me to finish the wiring... I plan to fit the lighting this weekend, and will do it even if the weather is rubbish as I have run out of time...  battery is holding well over winter (13.7v when I checked last night)

I think I'm going to badger one of the daughters boyfriends to give me a hand with the tender on to the top of the car this weekend so I can bring it home and get on with the jobs I have in mind (#7, #9 and #15), in my own time, and under cover....

Other than that - the other job for this weekend is to bodge, errr, figure out, a fitting to attach the binocular holders (now built - #14) to the shelf...  I can then get on with coating/painting it.

I need warmer weather to do the fixed VHF (#4) as I need to epoxy a batten to the bulkhead to attach it to, I need the same weather to do the external brightwork.. In the same period I also want to attach boarding ladder and new windex..  though in the case of the later heaven only knows why, as they never last longer than a week!

If we get some decent weather I may take a day off work...

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