Monday, 14 August 2017

Beat, sideways, beat, sideways, and repeat..

One of those very typical summer days in the harbour - I spent the afternoon battling the (biggish) tide hurtling though the narrows by Marker - didn't care though, F3 gusting 4 very occasionally, wall to wall sunshine - lot of south in the wind (sea breeze?) - finally gave up and motored south of Marker for a little free sailing across Pilsea Sands before heading for home slightly crisp round the edges and salty... brilliant day

Got a little more lucky with the camera this time but still not perfect - that black dot on the right is the Spitfire that was following! 
A pleasure to meet up with one of my fellow club members while I was out - this is Pete on his immaculate Trident, "Red Stripe"..  couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong as he was going upwind like a train - then I spotted the cooling water outlet!

...and Pete's Mum returned the favour...  always a pleasure to get pictures of your boat under way...


Distance: 10.23 which takes me through the 100 mile for the season! (cumulative total in the mileage tab at the top)
Wind: F4 going F3; SWxS
Sail Plan: Full main, few rolls in the genoa
Speed: Average 2.6 / maximum 5.5 (under motor) - lots of water sloshing round so 2/3 knots over ground would be 4 or 5 through the water - she was moving nicely

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  1. This is what I need - another boat to take some photos of my boat sailing! I don't have enough photos of 'Mariner' sailing - shall try and remedy this soon!