Monday 28 July 2014

Sunny Sunday drifting..

It was too nice an afternoon to miss out on a sail, but in the event the weather was more pleasant than the breeze, which was pretty much non-existent....  little more than a training run then.

We've seen this one before - this is Terror- the last surviving Emsworth oyster boat - out for a drift..

So pretty much BAU..  swift motor down the channel against a strong'ish tide.. sails up off Northney, and then the next few hours watching the world go by slowly... spotted my third (fourth?) seal of the year as I turned for home.. just a  head watching what was going on.. cracking...

..and talking of cracking, I'm getting a split in the tiller where I keep levering it up - I need a make do and mend session so I may take half a day to fix things this week..  tiller's fine, I just need to drill it and through bolt it with a couple of penny washers - I'll also fit a wedge underneath so it sits higher.

I'll also replace the old screws I used to hold the hatch slider rails..  they're beginning to rust

Stay tuned for interesting news on motive power for Sparrow..


Distance: 6.57 miles (cumulative total in the 2014 mileage tab at the top of the page) and that took me 3 hours!
Wind: NNW Force 1 and less..
Sail Plan: Full main/genoa - engine to get down to Northney at the beginning of the day, and back at the end of the trip....
Speed: GPS track says max speed was 4 knots (that was under motor, best I saw under sail was a 3.2 in a gust) - average speed 1.7

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