Ships log for the yacht "Sparrow" an Ian Anderson designed
'Hurley 20', sail no. 109, launched 16th November 1967.
This is the day to day stuff involved with owning and sailing a
small boat, so nothing earth shattering but there'll also
hopefully be some adventures along the way..

Monday, 29 August 2022

The one that got away..

Funny old sail, but none the less enjoyable..  the Easterly's continue, but by way of a demonstration of how "funny" the sail was, I present you with the following, which is the output from the local weather station for the period I was out.... 

...that wind swung through 80 degrees in  the little shy of 3 hours I was out, and look at the wind strength in the middle period - struggled out of F2..  to sum up the day, one moment you were broad reaching, then almost instantaneously onto a beat, and then reach again, and then a gust, and then nothing..  fascinating sailing! 😀

Either way, had planned to go out to the West Pole but the wind dropped to almost nothing as I got to HISC and I bailed out, should have stuck with it as it was building again by the time I'd completed my long run back up harbour to the Northney channel..

Dropped the main at the end of the channel, carried on under genoa, and then switched to motor at the start of the ditch running to the bridge and rolled away the genoa...   which was when one of the now flapping genoa sheets wrapped itself around the handle of the fishing rod I 'd been using all afternoon (without success, I might add) and promptly slingshot'ed it over the side...  buggeration.. 😊  It didn't owe me anything and was going in the bin at the end of the season anyway..  sum total of two fish in the 10 odd years I owned it, all the rings were rusty, and the reel had seen better days..  so an excuse to buy a new one early, and a(nother) lesson learned..

Fellow club member Martin, out on his Anderson


Distance: 7.94 (cumulative total in the mileage tab at the top)
Wind (Speed; Direction): F3 gusting 4, but occasionally 1 ; almost everything with an E in it!
Sail Plan: Full main/ 90% genoa
Speed (Max/average in knots): 4.9 / 2.7

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