Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Completed job list - winter layover 2015/16

Purely for reference (mind like a sieve  ), I completed the following this winter just gone:
  1. Lead halyard/topping lift back to cockpit - I came up with a far simpler solution than I originally envisaged [see here] but all done in the end - time will tell how successful it is...
  2. Electrics - full story here [clicky] in post form (start at the bottom with the first post, and work up to the latest)....  in summary, I installed
    • (new 12v battery in) battery box
    • wooden switch box with 6 switch/gang panel
    • isolator switch
    • all wiring for power to switch box/isolator
    • fitted and then wired USB charger and voltage meter
  3. Through hull deck plug for VHF aerial (Index Marine Cable Gland) installed [clicky] - those instructions may well have been written in Chinese for all the sense they made...

  4. VHF aerial fitted [clicky] to back board
  5. Solar panel for battery [clicky] charging bought (just need to fit it!)
  6. Repaired/replaced the UV damaged velcro fasteners [clicky] on sail cover
  7. Replaced lock/hasp on port side locker lid
  8. Repaired starboard side forward knee on tender
  9. Replaced old rusty padlock hasp [clicky] on wash boards with new stainless steel one
  10. Replaced mooring pick up chain and swivel (the old one was original from when I first got Papillon so overdue for replacement) I'll probably use the old pick up chain as part of my anchor arrangements
  11. "New" main sail obtained and fitted
  12. Rubbed down and (multiple) coats of paint on wash boards [clicky] (also replacement reinforcing batten fitted) / cockpit locker lids (which were also re-glued)
  13. Rubbed down and coat of wood preservative on rubbing strakes / cockpit board
  14. Antifouled
  15. Serviced outboard
  16. Serviced Life Jackets
Clearly, as usual, some of them are 'givens', and will get added to next years list, but still a gratifying number of projects completed - who'd have thought it?? Electrics and a "new" main..!

Lessons learned last year ("Keep on top of the painting and varnishing as it will save time in the long run") paid dividends this year, but I'll add, "don't be a numpty and paint your exterior stuff, with interior paint" to the list of lessons..!

Next winter??  No idea... something'll pop up - it/they always do!

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