Thursday, 27 December 2018

Post Christmas sales.. that'll do...

...thanks very much, don't mind if I do...

...the new season starts here!  


  1. Replies
    1. I wonder if they'd ship to the land of the long white cloud?? :o))

      PS. Playing around with the template of the blog - new year new change and all that.. welcome any comments good or bad...

  2. I shall put one in my suitcase next time I visit the UK.

    In terms of your Blog - congratulations for embracing change, human beings are not usually very good at change. My only comment is WHERE THE HELL IS THAT COOL LITTLE YACHT SPARROW???????? I can't see her anywhere on your main blog page? I can embrace change, I can embrace change, he said trying to convince himself.... BUT NOT IF SPARROW IS MISSING.

    I respectfully ask that you make a photo of Sparrow hard on the wind, sorting out the English weather the center piece of your new Blog set up, this will stop any more hissy fits from down under. Other than that I think the new look is great : > )

    1. Your wish is my command... and you are of course right.. the only caveat being I had to slightly blur the picture to make the text readable... :o)