Friday, 24 April 2015

Completed job list - winter layover 2014/15

Slipped out to the boat yesterday for a few hours to complete "putting her back together" - also known as bending on sails...  Genoa is now back on the furler (which was lubricated), and I also test raised the main to make sure it is sliding smoothly - no issues on either. Checked the bilges just to be sure (dry), so I'm now ready to go sailing...  no options this weekend (busy and non-optimal tide times)..

Lastly, and purely for reference...  ...but I completed the following this winter gone:

  1. Source better fixing bolts for mastfoot/tabernacle (they are better, but still not perfect)
  2. Drill the bow roller to take a locking pin (to keep the rope or chain in the roller)
  3. Finish painting cabin [clicky]
  4. Washboards - repainted (padlock hasp to do) [clicky]
  5. Cockpit locker lids - replaced in 12mm ply
  6. Hinges/locks for cockpit locker lids [clicky]
  7. Antenna fitted
  8. Masthead light fitted (and windex) [clicky]
  9. Antifouled [clicky]
  10. Outboard serviced
  11. Genoa sheet cam-cleats replaced [clicky]
  12. Varnished rubbing strip [clicky]
  13. Varnished grab rails
  14. Varnished push-pit board [clicky]
  15. Serviced Life Jackets
  16. Serviced tender launching trolley wheels 
Clearly some of them are given's, and will get added to next years list, but still a gratifying number of projects completed.. lessons learned..??  "Keep on top of the painting and varnishing as it will save time in the long run". Next winter I'm determined to crack on with the electrics...


  1. Steve - looks like you had a busy winter - will all pay off now the sailing season's here

    1. Max - was a good one once it got going... started late (weather) but managed to cram a surprising amount in...

  2. That's a substantial list that you have worked your way through - congratulations. One of the consolations of doing so much work is that some of the jobs won't have to been done again, or for a few years at least.

    Holding out for some sailing photos - on that score - it IS often a hard job getting photos of your own boat sailing unless you go out with another yacht in a pre-meditated way to get them! - Good sailing.